Boomboxラジカセ Creators Exhibition at La Luz De Jesus Gallery

0 13 Dec '15
The "King of Boomboxes" - Victor RC-M90 - at the La Luz De Jesus exhibition

Boombox, Ghettoblaster, Jambox, Brixton Briefcase, Thunderbox, ラジカセ… By any name, the boombox was a catalyst for a worldwide revolution in music sharing, art, culture, and design. A touchstone of punk, hip hop, and heavy metal, the boombox is an iconic representation of the youth culture that developed in the 1970s and 80s and supplied a […]


“My radio, believe me, I like it loud I’m the man with a box that can rock the crowd Walkin’ down the street, to the hardcore beat While my JVC vibrates the concrete”

0 18 Oct '13
LL Cool J "Radio" album cover

- LL Cool J, 1985


El Diablo (RC-550)

0 18 Jun '13

Arguably the first boombox created for the street, the massive monophonic RC-550 with its roll-bars, 10” woofer, and carrying strap turned heads with its looks and sound. Introduced in 1978 by JVC/Victor and known on the street as El Diablo悪魔 for its flashing red LEDs and thunderous sound, some of its notable design elements can be […]