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Boomboxラジカセ Creators Exhibition at La Luz De Jesus Gallery

0 13 Dec '15
The "King of Boomboxes" - Victor RC-M90 - at the La Luz De Jesus exhibition

Boombox, Ghettoblaster, Jambox, Brixton Briefcase, Thunderbox, ラジカセ… By any name, the boombox was a catalyst for a worldwide revolution in music sharing, art, culture, and design. A touchstone of punk, hip hop, and heavy metal, the boombox is an iconic representation of the youth culture that developed in the 1970s and 80s and supplied a […]


Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Siu-Kwong Tse (Disco Lite)

0 11 Mar '14

Madonna and Lady Gaga have many things in common, and apparently an appreciation for the creation of Siu-Kwong Tse is one of them: he created the legendary Disco Lite boombox. Featured in videos that have more than 200 million views, the Disco Lite is one of the most recognizable and sought after boomboxes from the […]


Documentary Preview is Here!

0 16 Feb '14

Today the preview for the Boomboxラジカセ Creators documentary is here! Since starting this “docu-manhunt” last year, we’ve been fortunate to locate a few creators, meet some truly amazing and creative people that have become friends and collaborators, and to begin crafting a documentary that will tell the stories of the people, places, and times behind […]


“My radio, believe me, I like it loud I’m the man with a box that can rock the crowd Walkin’ down the street, to the hardcore beat While my JVC vibrates the concrete”

0 18 Oct '13
LL Cool J "Radio" album cover

- LL Cool J, 1985


Bruce Springsteen, Takemi Ebata, and Yoichi Hisano (RS-466)

0 8 Oct '13

It’s not every day that the creators of a boombox featured in an iconic photograph are identified, but today is one of those days.


Murray Camens and Graham Hinde (D 8007 Roller Radio)

0 21 Sep '13

With its primary colors, simple geometric forms and patterns, the Philips D 8007 (Roller Radio) is a classic example of a boombox influenced by the 1980s Memphis design movement founded by


Jean-Michel Basquiat (PH 480K)

0 12 Sep '13

One of the most celebrated painters/poets during the boombox’s golden age – 1970s-1980s – Jean-Michel Basquiat always enjoyed music during his meteoric rise to the top of the international art world. Whether sharing Ravel, Bird, or Eno, JMB couldn’t live without his radio in the studio or on the street, beach, or plane. The images […]


El Diablo (RC-550)

0 18 Jun '13

Arguably the first boombox created for the street, the massive monophonic RC-550 with its roll-bars, 10” woofer, and carrying strap turned heads with its looks and sound. Introduced in 1978 by JVC/Victor and known on the street as El Diablo悪魔 for its flashing red LEDs and thunderous sound, some of its notable design elements can be […]


The Sensor (C-100F)

0 4 Jun '13

One of several products created through a joint venture between Coney and Onkyo in Kobe, Japan, the Conion C-100F had the looks and sound that defined a grail boombox. When new