Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Siu-Kwong Tse (Disco Lite)

0 11 Mar '14
Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Siu-Kwong Tse (Disco Lite)

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Madonna and Lady Gaga have many things in common, and apparently an appreciation for the creation of Siu-Kwong Tse is one of them: he created the legendary Disco Lite boombox.

Featured in videos that have more than 200 million views, the Disco Lite is one of the most recognizable and sought after boomboxes from the 1980s.

Sold under numerous brands – Dynasty, Vela, Skitronic, Shinelco, etc. – the disco lite didn’t have the audio performance of other “grail” boomboxes, but the mesmerizing dancing LEDs and pulsing illuminated speakers were sure to start a party.

Disco Lite Speaker patent


Siu-Kwong Tse created 4811313 AKA, the Dynasty ES-555 “Personal Disco Component” Disco Lite in early 1987. Today - over 30 years later - his name is finally known but his story is still untold and unsung. We want to change that.

  • Year Skitronic introduced ES-555: 1989
  • Creator: Siu-Kwong Tse
  • Current age of creator: 65-75 yrs.

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