El Diablo (RC-550)

0 18 Jun '13
El Diablo (RC-550)


Arguably the first boombox created for the street, the massive monophonic RC-550 with its roll-bars, 10” woofer, and carrying strap turned heads with its looks and sound.



Introduced in 1978 by JVC/Victor and known on the street as El Diablo悪魔 for its flashing red LEDs and thunderous sound, some of its notable design elements can be seen in a patent filed in March 1976: the large speaker, top-mounted tape deck keys, and rotating microphone.

Did Kazumasa Takenaka, Kikuo Ohta, and Benito Mishiro also create the RC-550?

  • Year JVC/Victor RC-550 introduced: 1978
  • Current age of creators: 70-80 yrs.

Do you know Kazumasa Takenaka, Kikuo Ohta, Benito Mishiro, or their families/friends/colleagues?

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